Aloompa makes mobile apps and web embeds for large events like music festivals and conferences. My focus for this project was to make the phased release of performers and events as flexible as possible for event organizers using the Aloompa's Admin content management system.

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Aloompa makes mobile apps and web embeds for large events like music festivals and conferences. At their core, all of these apps feature a list of events (schedule) and a list of performers (lineup). In order to maintain the schedule and lineup in their app, event organizers must familiarize themselves with the Admin content management system.

While a visual design refresh was a big part of this project, my primary focus was to help event organizers release their schedule and lineup information, carefully considering all of the possible scenarios they wanted. To inform my decisions, I observed how event organizers were using the previous iteration of the CMS to get their desired results, and identifying points where they were experiencing problems or places where the model in their mind did not match up with the actual product offering.


Luckily, Aloompa has several local customers just a few minutes from our office. I was able to join in on sales check-ins for several of them and get some dedicated time to talk about their experiences with the existing iteration of the content management system before creating a new one.

Problems observed in the previous iteration of the CMS:


While the solutions to many of the problems mentioned above were not visual in nature, it was extremely enlightening to discuss them with the Aloompa engineering team, most of whom rarely get to hear directly from clients about their reasons for wanting feature refinements. The knowledge collected in the client interviews above afforded me the opportunity to approach the engineering team with a set of real scenarios to be resolved, rather than simply dictating a set of features to be executed. I believe that this approach fostered some extremely productive conversations, allowing everyone to be sure refinements were completed in the best way possible.

Event Details

Event details now feature some very helpful functionality behind the scenes, as well as some interface updates.


Category Management

Refinements to categories were a major enhancement to the Aloompa product. In the past, event organizers have asked to group and display information from the CMS in unsupported ways. These updates help Aloompa clients to shape the data however they wish.


Description Fields

I worked with Aloompa developers to define and strip any undesired HTML formatting from pasted text in the CMS description fields. The description fields accept hyperlinks, ordered/unordered lists, and bold/italic text. Colors, line-heights, fonts and sizes are removed from the formatting upon pasting. However, additional formatting can be included after the text is pasted, because after pasting we can be certain that the formatting is intended, rather than accidental.

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